Upcycle That Art

Original and upcycled art by Helen McGill

Helen McGill

Artist Statement


The process of making artful and colorful items is a way to express grace from within. Helen uses the tools of Painting, Sewing & Mixed Media/Collage. Combining paint, textiles and papers she find a niche and a process that works for her expression of? There is an awe and wonder of the intuitive process here that we all have inside us..


Early works were sewing and painting. Having been heavily influenced by her mother and grandmother who were quilters and artists, she observed how they were always working with their hands. Left with quite a few of their items, Helen wanted to transform them into new pieces. This seems to jumpstart the creativity process for her and often feels like a puzzle, how to hold on to a sentimental part of their work and at the same time, allow it evolve into something new..


With the principle of healthy detachment that yoga and meditation can bring us, there is an awareness of ways to let go of things to help find that equanimity many of us want.. To create that empty circle for new experiences to flow in. The process of letting go of the loss whhile staying grounded and centered.


Recent works...

I was able to attend some great classes and worshops!


Recently having attended worskhops thru the San Diego Book Arts:

With Cas Holmes textile artist, I left there convinced that a great way to honor my grandmothers and mothers art pieces is to re-work them. Some are finished and worn out, some are unfinished projects and remants. I find myself combining the hand dyed fabric and hand worked lace with my collected collage papers and ephemera. Bringing all of these pieces together in a new way is a creative process that feels new each time.

Also I recently attended the Sue Bleiweiss workshop, learning how she creates journals in a book format has lead me down a path of continued appreciation on the creative and artful way we can put these pieces together.


I also attend an ongoing Expressive Arts Group with Elizabeth Jacobowitz of Embodiment Arts that keeps my work enlivened.

Some of my recent pieces are below, you can find some on Etsy or contact me.

Frog Bay

Paper and cloth stretchbook

Acrylic Painting on paper 2sx30"

The Divine Feminine

Cloth Journal Cover

With paper inside

Paths to create...




Painting - Acrylic & Mediums

Recently I have been using acrylic paint as a base for journal covers.


Collage - paper with Textile and Ephemera

Great mediums to mix for journal making!


SoulCollage(r) Facilitator

See next page Offerings for upcoming worksohps.


Upcycling - Sewing

Re-invent those old pieces by adding or combining another item!


Yoga Instructor - Meditation

Ongoing classes & workshops. Combine spinal openings with the art process.

Recycled Bag

Hand dyed with lace pocket, upcycled


Wall hanging triptych

Paper, fabric and lace. Find on Etsy