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Original and upcycled art by Helen McGill

Helen's art pieces, workshops & presentations...


Check back soon for specific workshops once she is settled in Boise, Idaho!


Her work is always evolving and changing. Life flows and so does the flow of creativy and art.


Currently she is concentrating on handmade journals and Spirit Art. She is available for worskhops in Boise, Idahoo A and possibly your area, with enough interest.


The SoulCollage(r) workshops are ongoing and usually she combines them with a few easy Yoga poses to help create from a state of inwardness and with an open spine, body ahd heart.

She also combines the subtle energy fields of the Yoga chakras with some workshops. Helen also gives, collage workshops with the Hungry Ghost theme, combining this shadow idea of the Tibetian Buddhist Hungry Ghost into the collage process.


Please contact her if you are interested in attending a workshop.


Spirit Art

Work Inspired by nature, Jayson Fann and Andy Goldsworthy...


In late August of 2014 I came up with this type of transitory art that I call Spirit Art. The Spirit nest below on the right was made in memory of letting go of my older sister's tragic death. The sadness of this had been lingering for many years and it was time to let it go. After I made the Spirit Nest, I took it to Montana and left it in a tree in one of her son's favorite spots. It was a very moving and powerful experience. Letting go and a healthy detachment are powerful things.

Spirit Art

Wood and lace with thread.

Spirt Nest in tree

Spirit nest in a tree in Montana

Spirit Art

Wood and lace

Glacier Park, Montana

Hidden Lake in Alpine Meadow, photo by Helen

Spirit Nest

In memory of Nancy Wood





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SoulCollage(r) Workshops

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Private Upcycling Consultations

Do you need some ideas for a particular sentimental piece? Contact Helen


Spirit Art Workshops

Make your own Spirit Nest or Spirit Art! Contact me.


Custom made journals

Journals made to your specific needs or find some of mine on Etsy, link coming soon!.